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Spottersday Mont de Marsan 2005! (Read 1252 times)
Roger Whitcomb

Spottersday Mont de Marsan 2005!
Dec 13th, 2004 at 9:01pm
On June 22 (2005) there will be a spottersday held at Mont de Marsan (Free entrance). Static visitors are: Mirage IVP, Mirage F1CR, Rafale B, Mirage 2000-5F, Jaguar A, Super Etendard.
F-16's from Florennes, Kleine Brogel and an F-18 from Payerne are invited.
This will be the last change to see a Mirage IVP as the Mirage IV will be taken out of service in August 2005. 

Some extra info:
36/BI   withdrawn from use by: 2004 December 7th
23/AV   withdrawn from use by: 2005 April 15th
25/AX   withdrawn from use by: 2005 May 5th

That leaves 4 Mirage IV still in service and the organisation of the spotterday (ERS91) hopes to present them on this day.
The numbers are:
53/BZ  operational
61/CH  operational
59/CF  (overhaul Bordeaux -> stock Chateadun till April 2005)
62/CI  (Stock Chateaudun till April 2005)
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