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News briefs from Jane's (Read 1535 times)
Roger Whitcomb

News briefs from Jane's
Oct 12th, 2004 at 3:01pm
Dutch aim to get cruise missiles
The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MoD) is preparing plans to equip both its surface warships and its F-16 fighter aircraft with long-range land-attack cruise missiles.
[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to - 1 October 2004]

Iran unveils redesigned Shahab missile
Iran has enhanced the range of its Shahab 3 medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) and a recent Shahab test appears to be of an early version of the expected Shahab 4, according to Uzi Rubin, the former director of Israel's Ballistic Missile Defence Organisation (BMDO).
[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to - 1 October 2004]

US Air Force grounds corroded KC-135E aircraft
The US Air Force has grounded 29 KC-135E Stratotanker aerial refuelling aircraft with wing corrosion that threatens their operational safety, the service announced on 16 September.
[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to - 1 October 2004]

Dutch MoD dismisses shipbuilders' proposal
The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MoD) has turned down a proposal by the Netherlands Naval Shipbuilding Cluster (NMC) to build a helicopter carrier and four long-range patrol ships for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN).
[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to - 1 October 2004]

The US Air Force's activities in Afghanistan and Iraq may not be as visible to the outside world on a day-to-day basis as those of coalition troops on the ground. Nonetheless, aircrew continue to play a large role in battling Iraqi insurgents, bolstering Afghan stability operations and supporting US special operations forces in the Horn of Africa, says Lt Gen Walter Buchanan, commander of US Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF).
[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to - 1 October 2004]

Two US teams to increase airliner protection
Industrial teams headed by BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman have been selected by the Science and Technology directorate of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to begin Phase II of the Counter Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)
system development and demonstration programme.Each team will receive approximately US$45million over 18months to fund the construction and testing of prototypes that will be used to determine whether available technology exists that can address the potential threat that shoulder-fired missiles pose to US commercial aircraft.
[Jane's Missiles & Rockets - first posted to - 22 September 2004]

SUPPORT SERVICES - Rolls-Royce Tornado engine contract extended
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Rolls-Royce have extended an innovative service support contract for the Rolls-Royce RB199 engine, which powers the MoD's fleet of Tornado aircraft in service with the UK Royal Air Force. This extension takes the value of the pilot contract to Pds12 million (US$21.3m).
[Jane's Defense Industry - first posted to - 13 September 2004]

MILESTONES - Boeing celebrates major aircraft deliveries
The Boeing Company delivered its 500th AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter on 26 August 2004 and also celebrated the delivery of the 22nd and final AH-64D maintenance trainer to the US Army. In addition the company has been celebrating the handover of the 200th Super Hornet to the US Navy (USN).
[Jane's Defense Industry - first posted to - 13 September 2004]

BAE to replace Harrier rear fuselages...
BAE Systems' Customer Solutions & Support (CS&S) unit has won a Pds10.8 million (US$19.2m) contract to replace a section of the rear fuselage of the Harrier GR.7/9 aircraft.
[Jane's International Defense Review - first posted to - 2 September 2004]

Fuel by the hour intends to reduce airborne tanking costs
Global Airtanker Service (GAS), a collaborative venture between cargo carrier Evergreen International Aviation and Irish company Omega Air, is converting a DC-10-40 airliner, formerly operated by Japan Air Lines, into a KDC-10 airborne tanker that it will offer for lease to air forces worldwide on an ad hoc basis. GAS is marketing its service to those NATO countries that do not have any such facilities at present and as the basis of a possible pan-alliance fleet. The company claims that the KDC-10 can offload substantially more fuel at any range - 72,700kg at an operating radius of 3,500nm when carrying optional additional tanks - than other solutions such as conversions of the Boeing 767 and A330.
[Jane's International Defense Review - first posted to - 2 September 2004]
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