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ZJ700 Typhoon (IPA5/PS002) First Flight (Read 1477 times)
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ZJ700 Typhoon (IPA5/PS002) First Flight
Jun 10th, 2004 at 4:06pm
PS002, the fifth Eurofighter Typhoon Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA5), successfully carried out its first flight on 7th June 2004, at BAE Systems Warton, United Kingdom. IPA5 took off from Warton at 16:02h, piloted by Typhoon Project Pilot, Mark Bowman, and landed at 16:30h. This new Eurofighter Typhoon production test aircraft was assembled by BAE Systems on behalf of the Eurofighter partners and will now join the four nation flight test programme.

IPA5 is the first UK single-seat production aircraft to roll off the final assembly line at the BAE Systems facility in Warton. IPA5 is primarily designed to qualify production standards and functionality in concert with single-seat production across the Eurofighter Partner Nations. IPA5 joins the test fleet of six Development Aircraft, three twin-seat Instrumented Production Aircraft and two single-seat Instrumented Production Aircraft. IPA4, the first single-seat Instrumented Production Aircraft flew on 26 February, 2004, at the EADS CASA flight test facility in Getafe, Spain.

Production and Functionality Qualification - Eurofighter Typhoon IPA5:
- Single-seat fuel system
- Single-seat production cockpit lighting
- Single-seat structural health monitoring (SHM)
- Sensor Fusion
- Radar (Captor)
- Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS)
- Mission Assessment
- Carefree Handling
- Head Equipment Assembly (HEA)

Through a series of flight qualification tests Eurofighter Typhoon IPA5 will make a major contribution to finalising integration of the Full Operating Capability (FOC) standard avionics system for the production single-seat weapon system.

Commenting on events, Aloysius Rauen, Chief Executive Officer Eurofighter GmbH, said 'This is a significant step for our programme as we transition to the next production phase for single-seat aircraft. In this phase we will deliver the Weapon System that will equip the
frontline units of the four Eurofighter Typhoon Partner Nations.'

Following Type Acceptance on 30 June, 2003, Series Production Aircraft have now been delivered to each of the four nation air forces and entry into service training is proceeding. This follows first flights of three twin-seat Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) in April 2002, and first flight of a single-seat Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA4) on 26 February 2004.

Source: PR Newswire (9th June, 2004)
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