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First AMI Typhoon Delivered! (Read 1476 times)
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First AMI Typhoon Delivered!
Feb 21st, 2004 at 5:58pm
The first Italian-produced "Typhoon" Eurofighter entered service yesterday. The Italian air force has concluded their agreement with Alenia Aeronautica - a Finmeccanica company co-producer of the aircraft - to accept the first model, which will carry out personnel training missions at the aircraft maintenance division in the Cameri (Novara) base.

The "Typhoon" delivered - a two-seater known as IT001 - is the first of the Eurofighter Italian series (29 out of the 121 planned in total). Another three aircraft are ready to be accepted by the air force. The second two-seater model, known as IT002, will soon be in service at the Fourth Flight centre at the Grosseto base. The Eurofighter, developed and produced in Italy by Alenia Aeronautica and Avio S.p.A. (for the airframe and the engines respectively) is a superior fighter plane destined to replace the F-104 in defence tasks in national air space.
The plane, able to carry out ground attack missions, has a range of 3,200 Km, can be refuelled in the air and is equipped with latest generation weapons (radar guided and infra-red air-to-air missiles, Mauser cal. 27mm cannons and various air to ground weapons). The plane has two turbofan Euroject EJ200 jet engines, with a maximum speed of Mach 2, 15.96 metres long and 5.28 metres high, with a wing span of 10.95 metres and weighs in empty at 11,150 kilos (23,500 maximum weight at take-off). A total production of 620 models is planned, Germany (180), Great Britain (232), Italy (121) and Spain (87). The Eurofighter has also been order by the Austrian air force and selected by Greece and Singapore.

Source: AGI (20th February, 2004)
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