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Blue Angels F/A-18A and MiG-29UBs on eBay (Read 1494 times)
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Blue Angels F/A-18A and MiG-29UBs on eBay
Feb 20th, 2004 at 4:26am
These two stories have even made the Russian press. The last paragraph would suggest that the FBI and the DoD are as interested as I am in how the Hornet came to end-up in private hands:

Two Soviet Fighters Put Up For Internet Auction In USA
Two MiG-29 fighters were put up for the well-known EBay internet auction in the USA on Tuesday evening. The starting price of each of them is 3.5 million dollars.

The aircraft are being sold by the Landa Associates firm from Seattle which, in its turn, represents the interests of an anonymous aircraft seller. It says that these combat aircraft of the well-known Soviet trademark are the world's only ones in private ownership.

The two aircraft are advertised as restored after overall repairs. One of them was produced in 1983 and has only 40 hours of flying time after the restoration, the other one was produced in 1986 and has 110 hours of flying time. Fuselage numbers and identification signs are absent.
The selling firm said that only those who were specially checked and received preliminary permissions could take part in the auction. The auction will last till February 24.

Two days ago, the Landa Associates put up for an internet auction a scrapped American "Ex Blue Angels" F-18 aircraft at a starting price of $1 million. When more than 300 applications were received and its price soared up to $99 million, the firm removed the lot and announced that part of the applications were forged. The Pentagon and the FBI are investigating how the scrapped F-18 has become the property of a private company.  Shocked

RIA Novosti (17th February, 2004)

Courtesy Steve Rush  ~  Touchdown-News
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