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MiG and Sukhoi to be Single Company! (Read 1663 times)
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MiG and Sukhoi to be Single Company!
Jan 29th, 2004 at 1:38am
Russian leading airplane manufacturing companies MiG and Sukhoi took interest in Russian Vice Premier Boris Alyoshin's proposal to form within the next two years a single national airplane manufacturing company.

"We take great interest in the idea of the unification of all Russian air forces into a single fist. This is a normal concept and in the perspective we are ready to participate in the formation of the single Russian air-holding," Sukhoi corporation representative disclosed to a RIA Novosti correspondent.

At the same time RIA Novosti interlocutor noted that "before the assumed amalgamation it is necessary to settle issues concerning the increase of volume of state defense order for military aircraft and to form suitable financial conditions for Russian civil airlines in order
for them to buy Russian airplanes instead of used foreign aircraft."
Moreover, according to the Sukhoi corporation representative, before the formation of the single company, it is also necessary to define which factories would be dealing with production of military aircraft
and which with the civil aircraft.

The MiG company representative noted in his turn that "if the government decides to form in the near future a single airplane manufacturing holding then MiG as a state enterprise will just simply abide with the decision, since there are no other options for the company." At the same time, he expressed hope that the MiG brand would be preserved in the future.

The single Russian airplane manufacturing company will be formed within the next two years, Boris Alyoshin disclosed in the course of his meeting with journalists on Tuesday.

The company will unite all the leading Russian companies - Ilyushin, Tupolev, MiG, Sukhoi.

Source: RIA Novosti (27th January, 2004)
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