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US F-15 Bombs Yorkshire!! (Read 1686 times)
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US F-15 Bombs Yorkshire!!
Jan 12th, 2004 at 9:42pm
A bungling US Air Force jet fighter crew are under investigation after dropping a training bomb on a Yorkshire farmyard. Shocked

The F-15E Strike Eagle was on a bombing exercise when its 23in dummy munition was accidentally released.

As it landed, the 25lb bomb smashed through thick concrete paving and buried itself several feet into the ground.

A crater was left feet from farm buildings.

Military experts were yesterday probing the accident.

They are to quiz the pilot and his navigator about the incident last Thursday at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, near Howden, East Yorks.

A villager said: ?It may have been a dummy bomb but it beggars belief. Think of the damage it could have done if it had hit a house or someone on the farm.?

In a bid to keep the accident quiet, senior officers at Humberside Police were told not to reveal any information and referred all calls to the Ministry of Defence.

The crew are believed to have immediately reported the incident to flight controllers at their base at Lakenheath, Suffolk.

Last year a USAF pilot was grounded after accidentally dropping three of the missiles, known as BDU-33s, in New Mexico.

A military expert said last night: ?The BDU simulates the trajectory of much larger bombs.

?It has a small explosive charge to emit smoke so spotters can see where it lands.

?It doesn?t go off like a proper bomb. But if it hit a building you?d know about it. It would smash through like a meteorite.?

USAF officials at Lakenheath said there would be a full investigation.

Spokesman Lt Ed Ekpoudo said: ?It landed in a sparsely populated area and fortunately no one was hurt.

?It should not have been dropped where it was. It has now been recovered.?

The Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We are aware of this incident during a routine sortie for bomb training."


Source: The Sun (and confirmed with other sources) 12th January, 2004

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